I am a digital artist who creates images of nature.

I took a non-traditional path to get where I am today. I began my "arts" training through music in 4th grade, and continued through college to become a music educator in Illinois. The schools where I worked had a culture that supported music performance and studio art for the small number of students that could afford to be trained privately, but very few arts experiences for the general student ( I saw a need for that). My focus eventually became to educate the general student about all arts. This let me to get additional college studies in art, aesthetic education, arts history, and studio art skills. I studied with Leon Karel at Truman University in Kirkesville Missouri. Dr. Karel convinced me to enter the university’s graduate Allied Arts program (1979 - 1980). Then, I began designing courses (for the school I worked in) that developed arts appreciation skills for the general student through listening, looking, and analyzing.

By the mid-1980s, my passion for the visual arts led me to become an art teacher as well as a music teacher.. I studied studio art at the local junior college and workshops at The Art Institue of Chicago. I developed skills in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and ceramics. I continued devolping my skills in art for 12 years, but found that I created less art the more I taught art, and needed a change because I enjoyed creating.

In the early 1990s I became interested in computers, but more specifically creating art and music on computers. I pursued this interest through additional studies at college, Microsoft Training, AutoDesk Training, Apple Training and Adobe Training. Eventually I changed teahing positions (1999) and became a business education/technolgy/music/art teacher at the high school level.

Today, my life has more art, but less teaching; I said goodbye to teaching in 2007 and now pursue art full time. Today I find beauty in nature and create images that share this beauty.


2004 Chicago State University - Business Education/Applied Technology Teacher Endosement

1998 Governor's State University - MA in Educational Administration from Governors State University

1980 Truman University - M.A. in Humanities and Aesthetics

1974 Illinois State University - B.A. in Music Education from Illinois State University

Artist Bio

Born in Joliet, Illinois. Lived in New Lenox, Illinois. Studied keyboard music with Dick Ditello in Joliet. Graduated college with a B.A. in Music Education from Illinois State University in 1974, an M.A. in Humanities and Aesthetics from Truman University in Kirksville Missouri in 1980, and an MA in Educational Administration from Governors State University in 1998. Taught in the public schools since 1974 in Sidell, New Lenox, Oak Lawn, and Riverside/Brookfield (all in Illinois). Created works in music, animation, illustration, photography, watercolors, wood and clay. Also taught various Art, Music, Humanities, Digital Pre-Press, CAD, and Digital Multimedia courses extensively at all levels in the public schools (kindergarten through undergraduate) for 34 years. In the summertime during school break, worked a variety of general residential construction jobs, and eventually started a construction business. Present work in graphic image subjects range from everyday life, architecture, and landscapes. Retired from teaching in 2007, and has since concentrated on creating images of nature.

Artist Satement

I consider myself a realistic artist. I love to draw, paint, sculpt, and also enjoy the possibilities with digital tools. I began my career(s) working with my hands in the early 60's as a house painter in my grandfather's business (Mangun and Sons)...I learned how to use a 4" brush before I ever even touched an artist's brush. My studies of the fine arts in college lead to an application of that craftsmanship to artistry. I have a passion for making things... finding a new way of doing something and finding a way to connect to my imagination...that is what I love about my work.