This is a collection of images taken from Glacial Park, Ringwood, Illinois. Glacial Park is McHenry County Conservation District’s most treasured open space holding, characterized by its rolling prairie, delta kames, oak savanna and the tranquil presence of the meandering Nippersink Creek.
Encompassing over 3,400 acres, Glacial Park contains over 400 acres of dedicated nature preserve; harbors 40 state endangered and threatened plant and animal species; is listed as one of the top five areas to view migratory wetland birds in the region, and is a part of the Hackmatack National Wildlife Refuge.
One of the most predominant kames in the park.
One of my favorite oak savanna views in the park.
In 1845, Elon and Mary Powers brought their family of five children from out east to settle in this new land. With no roads into the property, they chose to site their house near the spring (located just to the east of the house) in order to be near a water source. Presumably they started out in a log cabin but as their family grew to eight children (Esther, George, Mary, Jane, Nancy, Roena, Isabelle and Francis), the Powers needed a bigger house. It was in 1854 that they built their first frame house, a proud Greek Revival-styled home...and yes that is a vehicle in front of the house. The park district works with local farmers to utilize the land.

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